Superstition is the religion of feeble minds

images1 Story:  approach 1

Lady: I need a boy child….I can do everything for a boy!!

Pandit or astrologer: tumhari rekhao mein ladka hai to lekin pati ke haato mein nai hai….isliye pooja karwani  padegi or daan karna padega….or sath mein 5 Mondays ka fast or Tuesday ko neele kapde pehnna to hi ladka hoga.

Lady: ji pandit ji hum sab karenge par ladka ho jaega na…

Yeh sab karne ke baad bi agar ladki ho gayi to pandit dosh apko hi deta hai….tumne puja aache se nai ki

2 Story: approach 2

Lady: I am not able to conceive baby?

 Rather to consult a baba or a pandit, she consult a Doctor and by scientific means and proper treatment she gave birth to a healthy child.


Success, fame, love, money are the most desired things by all of us. Poor or rich everybody needs a tag to live stress free life and for their stress they either blame the piteous cat or plot orientation or start questing their own NAME……and change their name or spelling. (Are you not loosing on your own identity?)

Is this makes a difference in their life??…may be to some extent and by passing years another problem knocks on their door…for which again they make changes……and if you think logically, the mortals who are opted for such observances are heaping their scoops. They dread us and our fear fertile their bank balance…..

How weak our mind is; how quickly it is terrified and unbalanced as soon as we are confronted with a small, incomprehensible fact. Instead of diminishing the problem with: “We do not understand because we cannot find the cause,” we immediately imagine terrible mysteries and supernatural powers. Rather to confront our mistakes we just run behind the fake facts. It is well said; “We are not god loving people, we are god fearing people” and this fear make us to forget that we are human beings and we will die some day.

“We Fear things which we are not aware of”, for example you do not know about an aggressive dog behavior that is the reason we fear that dog, or else you don’t know the way to a new city so we fear going on that road. The only thing to conquer fear is to face the problem rather to avoid it.

If you believe in god and your own conscious than you know what all good deeds you have done and what wrong you are doing ….so gear up for the consequences …… “Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.”

By following such things and believing these unwanted facts can we conquer death?? NO…NEVER…..because if we can!! Then we are GOD…..!!

There are people who do things with positive attitude and they get positive results, they never blame god for their failure and they take risks and overcome their fear. Just follow your conscious and it will never betray you, but be with you, no matter what happen.

Believe in your KARMAS and your conscious which tells you the deviation between right and wrong. And be ready for the consequences in future as your KARMA return to you sooner or later….STOP being superstitious and blaming the non existing facts for your failure. If we are literate enough than put it in that way and use your minds before following such abbreviations!!…….or ASHARAM to hai hi apke samne… apna bhala nai kar sakte apka kaise karenge??


One thought on “Superstition is the religion of feeble minds

  1. “Soldier- I would never think of going into battle without bringing my lucky chicken
    Suddenly a missile came towards the soldier…his sergeant yelled…Duck!!
    Soldier- Dear Sir It Is not Duck it is chicken.”

    Just a funny quote on superstitions, you may get the cartoon by simply searching “superstitious soldier” on Google, as it is not possible to place picture in comment.

    Your article is really nice; you have covered the various superstitions smartly. First I am coming over the opening story, whether women give birth to a boy or girl mainly depends upon the males X & Y chromosomes. A “Y” chromosome will combine with the mother’s to make a boy (XY), but in our country girls are considered as debt for their parents. Therefore not even educated families want to accept this fact…This gives support to such babas, pandits etc.

    Please also keep in your mind not all pandits are bad. Let me share one of my experiences few years ago one of my uncle arrange a pandit to show kundlis of all the current generation as they are not getting married on time (Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani), one of my uncle asked that whether they get “pota” or not…pandit checks the kundli and said no to him…now my uncle asks suggest some pooja or mantras for getting “pota”….now try to imagine what the pandit says…he says astrology is a ancient science it only helps to predict your future just like market forecasting…no one can change ones destiny it is fixed…..the only thing in ones hand to just do the good karmas and left rest to god….now as a result of his straight forwardness he gets only get Rs 501 instead of Rs 11001 as Dakshina!!!…..I am not saying you to go to panditas and show your kundli, my motive is to tell you that not every person is wrong although it is hard to find difference between fake and real ones…..

    I also add a single extra word in my name just for correcting the spelling not for sake of astrology but I got lot of criticism for that because now the total becomes 13!!…as usual I give my careless smile for that…..never allow others to take benefit of your emotions & frustrations…There are multiple persons available in INDIA who consider crossing their path by a cat, Friday the 13th….just as a warning sign from god to be more aware….there is no need to stop working…..depends only on the perception…

    Our ancient peoples are very smart and have scientific approach they creates astrology science and some customs like Namaste, Badon ke per chuna, gems all these things have their significance but most of the person don’t know this.
    – The Namaste signifies to avoid the direct hand contact which is the big source of germs transfer
    – Current researchers also considered that human body is similar to a small power house…did you hear about some person’s body having ability to attract metal spoons…engineering says notches are the place of stress concentration and energy neither created nor destroyed then where it is gone……it is around us…now just try to remember about the gem ring, if you closely see, you will find that the base of gems have a sharp edge which always touch the finger in which it is placed…these gems are none other than collectors of energy just like solar cell..Now tell me is it possible for a solar cell to harness the energy of wind…not possible…similarly these gems attract only that spectrum of energy for which they are meant to be….they simply increase the positivity in your mind…there is no relation to change your destiny…

    These are just the examples, I am not saying to believe in all the superstitions/customs but believe on the few things which have their logic and spread it among others…..Actually greedy persons manipulate the meaning of multiple customs just to fill their own pockets…..Every person have a “Ashram” in between their two ears i.e…. your mind…just use it….do hard work… will get the result of it……

    One more thing I never supports superstition, I only support the scientific approach to analyse…. The solution of above problem is not only blame the “tree of superstitions” but also use your aggressiveness and knowledge to spread awareness and spread the saline water on the roots of this.

    Now I am ending article with this…..apart from crime, superstitions, dowry there is lot of positivity is available in this world….just concentrate on it…..just replace the negativity with positivity…and help others for the same…

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