Angel’s Impression


Not that it has been your birthday so let’s have a flashback kind of a thing but I think over the year we have been able to transform, my each and every moment spend together is special. so here it goes like this…( you can feel special 😉 )
Should I call you a ‘FRIEND’ or a ‘FARISSTA ’ (an angel) still in a dilemma to give you a name…… but apart from a name, you owes a different position in my life, beyond words and expressions. Our conversation started with a fight on a phone call and after 5 years accidentally we met, to be frank, initially I hate you and want to stroll away, but today I am thankful to my friend who introduced us.
You are kind, humorous, very smart, and one of the few people that someone can just click with immediately. You allow acquaintances to be natural by inviting them to their comfort zone. Contradicting to this I am vice-versa, I am shy, introvert and unsocial. I don’t allow people in my comfort zone easily. But you make me learn how give love without any expectations.
A man with a pure heart and living no day with expectations make you stand out from the people around, with your presence, every moment become so special and full of joy that people forgot all their sorrows. This reason is that I feel blessed and to me you are the best gift I posses. (hahahaha) Isn’t it’s funny it’s your birthday and I am talking about thyself. (jokes apart)
They said there is a ‘Guardian Angel’ allotted to every person; who make things easy and favourable. “Guardian angel”, is just a expression, which can be found in any one around, and ‘I found in YOU’. You make me overcome all the difficulties I faced, you make me feel everything is in my favour (whether it is or not), you give me strength to battle against wrong and supports me for each precise pronouncement, you swipe away all my tears and make me smile in every situation. It is one of the best feeling to have someone in life whom you can relate and someone who doesn’t need to be explained everything and understands exactly the things, thoughts and beliefs need to be felt. You have been sure the one I can count even by closing my eyes.
You are my guide, my teacher and my critics, who guided me through everything. You are bright spot in my life, my mood is instantly lifted and my day gets better when I get to talk to you, and life just seems so perfect to be with you. With you I feel real, no make-up and no diplomacy, just a REAL ME.
Apart from all the good things, we do fight and debate a lot, but we both cannot last the fight for long, or I must take all the favour, “I cannot resist a day without you”. May be I sound bit filmy but, a day without you is like a year without you.
All those silly talks of my graduation, beating, hitting, laughing, playing cards, fighting only to care more, loving, hugging, planning mischief, poor jokes, supporting and driving through the dark scary jungles, that first cappuccino we had the hub in CCD, the tequila shot on your birthday, and your presence in my final jury, been the moments I share and heartily treasure.
This is a small span of 5 years, still I have lot to share, imagine if we were childhood friends… than I can write a book on our friendship.. You are my ‘ANGEL’ who makes everything to fall for.
On this auspicious day of yours, I want to wish you all the happiness in life, may all the pieces of your puzzle falls perfectly in place. I want you to be as you are, all full of love and happiness, people loves you because you love them and who hates you are not your loved ones either so live for your loved ones………. Because:–

Their life is happier because of you
Their heart is calmer because of you
Their soul feels wholesome because of you
They’re better persons because of you
They’re blessed to have you in their life.

Hope we get more such wonderful memories to cherish and celebrate. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR………..!!!!!


One thought on “Angel’s Impression

  1. Each sentence here describes a moment, a story, a situation, a reaction, a deep meaning and love. Explanation portrait boy so well one can fell in love without meeting him, such a wonderful personality.
    …….TO DA ANGEL may on this beautiful day god showers him with all happiness in the world…!!!

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